I have no shortage of crazy ideas. I'm creating a record of those ideas and tracking them here.

One of the main reasons that I have build this website is because I am never short for crazy tech ideas.

Some turn out pretty good.

A lot are worth a good laugh.

All are interesting and take you down a path that you may not have thought of.

Active Projects

These are all the projects that I'm actively working on. Sometimes there are daily updates. Sometimes they can go months before they are updated.


One of the first things that I did when I discovered n8n was to see if I could get it to run on a Raspberry Pi. Sure enough, I could but it was not as intuitive as it could be. So I built out some tools to help people along.

Tools for installing and running n8n on a Raspberry Pi

n8n Network Appliance

This is an offshoot of the n8n-pi project. I decided to make a complete DIY instruction set to build an n8n network appliance. It would have the latest version of n8n installed on it, run in kiosk mode so that the n8n interface would come up immediately, and even show the hostname and IP address on a small OLED screen on the appliance.

n8n Webforms

I started out playing with the n8n webhook node the same as everyone else but it has turned into a bit of an obsession with me, discovering different and better ways to build webforms and collect their data with just n8n.

Voron 3D Printer

I figured that I'd take up the challenge of building my own 3D printer from scratch. My guess is that this project will take quite a while to source parts and get the actual system built.


This is still in its infancy but looking to build out how to automatically buy and sell cryptocurrency based on various indicators.

Raspberry Pi Clusters

I presently run two Raspberry Pi clusters at home and this is where I track how I am using them and some of the crazy experiments that I am doing with them.

n8n Book

I am co-authoring a book on developing applications using n8n. I am tracking the book progress and experience here.

n8n Book
Yep, we’re writing a book! Learn more about it!

Source Available Self Hosted No Code Tools

As part of my other projects, I'm creating a huge list of open source projects and tools that I find useful and others may as well.

Source Available Self-Hosted No Code Tools
A list of source available tools that can be self-hosted and implemented by no coders.

LED Digital Display with REST API

Inspired by a hacking competition that I take part in, I decided to build an LED digital display that is controlled by a simple REST API.

n8n DIY IoT Devices

Creating custom IoT modules for controlling with n8n. These are based on the popular ESP32 development boards.

Cyber Camper

I'm building a number of IoT and multimedia tools into my camping truck and trailer. Some of these items include:

  • Multimedia server
  • Ethernet networks and bridging
  • Internet hotspot
  • Alexa/Google Assistant

Lego Parts Manager

Building a machine to manage bulk Lego parts. It would have the ability to:

  • Sort bricks into unique part numbers
  • Keep running inventory of each brick
  • Know which sets (both official and unofficial) can be built from the present inventory
  • Build a kit for a set

Future Projects

These are some ideas that are just forming or that I just don't have time to work on yet.

LoRa WAN Network

Building out my home network to reach beyond my walls without the use of the Internet

Open Source for Launchers/Builders

Building an open source stack for launchers so that they can start spending less money.

Archived Projects

While there may be nothing here at the moment, eventually all good things come to an end and

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